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The internet is increasingly private, affiliate marketing must adapt.

Users are increasingly active in private spaces, like Whatsapp groups. This requires a shift from traditional 'broadcast' style affiliate marketing tactics

The internet is increasingly private, affiliate marketing must adapt.

The internet, once a sprawling and open realm, is undergoing a significant transformation. Today's digital landscape is becoming increasingly characterized by smaller, more private communities. This shift is driven by several factors, including concerns over online safety, moderation, and the evolving preferences of digital users. The Verge's recent interview with Discord CEO Jason Citron sheds light on how platforms like Discord are at the forefront of this change.

Citron discusses how platforms like Discord are designed with community in mind, offering spaces where users can interact with others in meaningful ways. He states, “What we’re doing is trying to create an environment that feels safe for people,” emphasizing the need for more intimate, manageable online communities over expansive, impersonal forums【†source】.

This move towards smaller, private online spaces has profound implications for digital marketing strategies. Traditional broadcast-style affiliate marketing, which relies on influencers and paid advertising to reach large audiences, may face challenges as users migrate to platforms where mass advertising has limited reach.

In these new digital spaces, affiliate marketing strategies must adapt. Citron's comments highlight the need for “good tools to moderate and keep these communities on track”【†source】, reinforcing the point that digital marketers must adjust their approach to engage effectively with smaller, more private communities.

Platforms like WhatsApp groups, Discord servers, and other niche communities are becoming pivotal corners of the internet. Brands aiming to penetrate these spaces must focus on building genuine relationships, engaging authentically with users, and providing value beyond traditional marketing tactics. By adopting a more nuanced, community-driven strategy, brands can navigate the shrinking, more private internet landscape successfully.

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